March 22, 2017 South Indian Wooden Gable

Kerala Traditional Wooden Gable

Gable is the ‘forehead’ on a sloped roof of a ‘Kerala Traditional Naalukettu’, modernize on sloped roofs in a modern building. In Olden days the area above the wooden ceilings in a room of a single stored building was used as attic and gable was used to provide ventilation and air continuity in this area. Now a day’s gable is used as an constructive component on a sloped roof of a ‘Vaastu’ based construction. gable is the mostly triangular portion of a wall separating the edges of intersecting roof pitches.

South Indian Wooden Gable
Traditional Wooden gable South Indian

In ancient Kerala, the gabled roof was the symbol of a family’s status in society, a statement of style. Traditional families superiority with one another to embellish their houses with highly ornate wooden gables engraved by skilled craftsmen. Each region in the erstwhile state of Travancore had its own style of Wooden carved gable.

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